What I wear | my snowboard outfit

As you might have already read, I cheated when I went on my little snowboardtrip. My new best friend Nikita and I went on a holiday together. And boy what was it fun, what was my outfit good, Di I have a great view and do I miss those bright colors.For my snowboard outfit, this time I went for baggy trousers and a jacket by Nikita, a borrowed helmet, Nikita and Asos beanie s, Barts buff and gloves, Sandbox goggles and borrowed shoes. And I have nothing but praise unlike for my previous outfit, combined with Brunotti and O’Neill items.

And no, it has nothing to do with the brands. I had a much better fit this time. The pants from Nikita were a baggy fit, just like the jacket, which is more my thing. The goggles were nice because of a wider angle so I not only had a good view up front but also to the side. And the colors of my outfit were all slightly better together. And not to forget, in the snow storm (which we had the last day) you are much more visible in bright neon colours. Unfortunately, you’re recognized by your friends a lot better when on top of the slopes, while rolling down on my ass a lot of times;-)

Tip from me? Don’t wear a too fitted coat. Especially as a beginner it is very tiring if you fall (and you will a lot!) and need to get up in a tightly waisted outfit.


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