Backpacking or travel in style?

Why backpacking if you can also travel luxury? Travel can be done in many different ways. You can be miserably travelling in 24 hours by bus from Vientiane in Laos to Hanoi in Vietnam (true story!) Or take a plane and be at the same destination for 25 us dollars. You can also choose to have your travel planned or be in the I see what happens mood and arrive around 4 o’clock in the night in Bangkok and still have to look for an appartment (also true story). It is just what you prefer the best!

Well as you might have guessed: I am a low budget traveler. Not because I don’t like to spend my money (even though I wished for a money tree a million times ;-), but because I find it a challenge to see as many of the world as cheap as possible. And yes, I happen to be a poor student. But it is also a challenge to plan the events. Taking unexpected routes because you met another traveler, that you never thought of taking (or have never heard of before) Why not? The experience is priceless, but also the places that you would never consider as a tourists are just a little bit more special and unique.

The pro’s

Sure, I also dream of a luxury hotel in the mountains with private jacuzzi and a pool with sea views. And letting someone else take care of bus tickets, as cheap as possible But to me the pro’s are much more worth to the cons: do more with your money, adapting to a preset group, against the disadvantages of backpacking (travelling with a backpack on the back, sometimes dirty, never too much money), which are to me the follwing:

  • Freedom;
  • Budget &
  • Travel like a local.

What do you prefer? 

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