Why you should be staying at the Meininger hotel Keulen

In Keulen (or Cologne/Köln) I stayed at hostel Meininger. It’s located close to the Belgium neighbourhood Viertel.  We were only passing by in our roadtrip on the way back and wanted to stay in a neighbourhood which has a nice ambiance.We thought it was better to stay close to nice restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs and coffee bars since it was easter and many shops (read: all) were closed). It turned out to be a very nice place to stay in Cologne and this is why:

1. The Aachener Straße and the Brüsseler Straße are the main lifelines of the “Belgisches Viertel” and you are very close to it when sleeping in Meininger.

Yes, you can find this spot I read about on the blog Eva in Berlin

2. They have a game room where you can play pool and get to know your fellow travelers

3. A cosy ambiance, like you’re in a hostel, but not really

4. They have their own bar(!)

5. They organise nights out with fellow travelers

6. Simple breakfast for 8 euro

7. Clean rooms and comfortable bed

8. Very nice personnel

9. Good tips on where to eat (for example Brauhaus in the same street)

10. They have a 24 hour reception

11. There are Internet terminals and free wifi in the hotel

12. Easy to park nearby (check daily prices)

13.  Free luggage store room and lockers (all backpackers need lockers!)

14. There’s a washing machine and dryer (handy if you’re on the road for some time)

The MEININGER Hotel is located on the left bank of the Rhine river  in the student district of Cologne. It’s a nice walk to the city centre for about 20 minutes or even closer to Belgium Qarter with nice boutiques, graffiti, lovely coffebars and a very pleasant ambiance. It is the ideal starting point for shopping trips at Schildergasse and a stroll through the Old Town to Cologne Cathedral. For a dormbed you pay EUR 18,50. A classic double room like ours is EUR 28,80

Style Spy was welcomed here on invitation but all my opinions are my own.

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