Wereldreis kaart en fotocamera

World travel update # 4: letting go of wanting to visit every place

Wow! Still 112 days and then we leave for our trip to Los Angeles! Behind the scenes we are reading and booking things to travel as cheap as possible. We prefer to make a trip around the world without spending money ofcourse, but hey that would be unrealistic wouldn’t it? The route is starting to shape more and more in my head and I would love to share all my insights that I run into and ofcourse all of our plans!


It could change by the day, but yesterday we decided to do a Pacific Highway Road trip. We drive from Portland to the South towards Los Angeles and from there on we’ll visit a number of national parks. This means that we have to let some things go; Yosemite Park is probably not one of our visited destinations; we only have a month with our car (and tent that we hopefully pick-up at Walmart) and I’d rather enjoy the falling stars at the Big Sur Beach, than visit a place, take a photo and leave in less than an hour  (yes, these kind of ‘travelers’ exist, but it’s not really my way of traveling). And did I tell you that we have booked a ticket to Maui (one of the Hawaian Islands?).

USA Beach

On the road with our longboards

My boyfriend and I are going on a trip around the world with our ‘ downhill ‘ longboards. I have a favorite longboard, but that one is just a little too long to fit into my backpack. The advantage of a board in your backpack is that that you only have 1 piece of extra baggage. I would prefer my backpack to be no larger than 65 litres – so I think I cannot bring my own longboard, which is really sad.

A van for New Zealand!

On August 31st 2017, we fly to Christchurch to start our trip around the world in some kind of camper. We rented a mini van for two months, where you can cook and sleep into. Instead of the summer, we are now in New Zealand for spring– it just happened somehow haha– and it means prices are way lower! Jajh for that!

Finally: the costs so far

And as always the spent world travel moneys

Ticket Kauai to Maui: € 116.03 excl. baggagecosts p.p.
Air BNB Los Angeles: € 316/2
Car Kauai: 363.53 €/2 through Easyterra.com (9 days)
Esta visa: € 27.12/2

As you can see we tried to keep the damage as low as possible, for example the price for 6 nights in LA is quite cheap! But renting a car in Kauai is just blehhh – a bit expensive, but hey, Isn’t that where we saved the money for?

Are there things you want to know where I havent’ written about yet?

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