30 days challenge | Plank Pose

Last weekend, colleague blogger Anouk (dutch blog) said that she was going to start with the 30 days Squat Challenge. As promised on her blog, I said I would add one exercise to it! A yoga exercise to be precise! The exercise I have chosen is the Yoga Plank Pose which is really, let me rephrase REALLY good for the abs, back, shoulders and legmuscles! And you don’t have to worry for any pains in the lower back, that appears mostly when doing the sit-ups!

What do you have to do:

Begin on all fours with your arms straight and shoulders stacked over your wrists. Have your palms flat and shoulder-width apart. Curl your toes under and step both feet back until your legs are straight and your feet are hip-width apart. Bring your shoulders, hips, and heels into one straight line with the core and quads engaged. Press your outer arms inward and distribute the weight of your knuckles evenly, gazing slightly past the fingertips.

If you don’t get it, watch the enclosed video, it might help a lot!

How long?

Hold the position for about 30 seconds til one minute. If you have troubles, lean on your upperarms instead of your hands. The more often you practice, the better you will be able to hold on. Hold on to it for about 3 times a week, start with 30 seconds and add 15 seconds the next time and the next time later. I guess we can variate this exercise? I will come back to you!

What does it do:

The plan is easy but defiant to build power to the torso. It strenghtens arms, back, back, shoulders, torso and quadriceps.

P.s. I am not a professional, just an amateur yoga exercises who loves to practice yoga!

Are you in?

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