Yoga & surfing: What’up

Did you ever think, why is there always a combination of yoga and surfing when booking a surfcampholiday? It happens more often: you start the day with spiritual yoga and after that you are ready to go surfing. Well, It kinda made me wonder: what’s up with yoga and surfing?

Yoga is the coming together of your body and mind. This pretty old hindoistic philosophy learns to control the mind, the feeling and the body. It works like this:

You perform spiritual and physical excercises, which got a calming and balancing effect on the body and your minds well being.

Yoga and surfen really complement eachother, you use your energy and the calmth of the sea / nature.

Yoga en surfen

But the combination of surf and yoga is more than just ending your day relaxed and succesfull. Yeah! It makes it possible that your body will heal positively so you will endure less pain. And you will also learn to stand more flexible on the board. Yoga makes sure you will train your power, flexibility and balance -balance is key!- And in the end: it also activates your blood, muscles and strengthen the backmuscles. And ofcourse makes your body more elastioc. All a surfergirl needs!

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Can’t wait to try the both together, what about you guys?

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